• Risk Factors for Ureteral Damage in Ureteroscopic stone Treatment: Results of the German Prospective Multicentre Benchmarks of Ureterorenoscopic Stone Treatment-Results in Terms of Complications, Quality of Life, and Stone-Free Rates Project

    Published By: Philippe-Fabian Müller, Steffen Lebentraua & TeamPublished On: 11/27/2018

    Location: Neuruppin, Germany


  • Separation of phenylthiohydantoin–amino acids by temperature-controlled reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

    Published By: Kou Hayakawa, Masahiko Hirano, Kazuyuki YoshikawaPublished On: 06/01/1999

    Location: Tokyo, Japan


  • The Chromatographic Determination of Cystine and Cysteine Residues in Proteins as S-β-(4-Pyridylethyl)cysteine

    Published By: M. Friedman, L. H. Krull and James F. CavinsPublished On: 07/24/1969

    Location: Peoria, Illinois


  • The Role Of Putative Stress Response Gene yqjX In The Virulence And Response To Stress In Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis

    Published By: SUNIL KUMAR SWAINPublished On: 08/15/2017

    Location: Odisha,India


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