• LiveBox1

    LiveBox1 is a transparent chamber designed for inter- connected dynamic cell cultures. LiveBox1 is featured with a flow inlet and outlet for the perfusion of cell culture media. The clamp system provided with the LiveBox1 assures the watertight closure of the system in both static and dynamic conditions (up to 1 mL/min).

  • Micropipette

    Autoclavable , Disposable/transfer, graduated/serological, single channel, multichannel, and repeat pipette.

  • Microscope

    Simple Microscope.
    Compound Microscope.
    Stereo Microscope.
    Confocal Microscope.
    Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope (SEM)(TEM)

  • Regular Kit

    The detection reagent A and B in this kit is already diluted. The experiment time is 1 hour less than the traditional kit.

  • Spectrophotometer

    double beam spectrophotometer and single beam spectrophotometers

  • Traditional Kit

    Standard diluent (1*20mL), assay diluent A (1*12mL) and Assay Diluent B (1*12mL). Combine the above three diluents into one bottle of 45mL for customer’s convenience.

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