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What We Do?

Harness the power of living organisms or derivatives thereof to develop/make/modify new, useful and sustainable products and that’s how Biotechnology differs from other traditional forms of technology.

Biotechnology can be useful for effective treatment of many more complex disease, it helps in plant breeding by modifying its genes to boost agricultural crop yields and grow rapidly.It is also helpful in pesticides, reduce pollution and waste.

To do all these complex scenarios it needs Scientists, Research scholars, Infrastructures, Investors, Govt. Support and a good marketing team who can promote and generate revenue and make the product a success. 

We as a team help every one to get into a single umbrella to promote their products and services and reach out to maximum consumers. We market your products/services digitally with our huge database who all are already into biotechnology sector.

Professional Services

1. Medical Equipment & Devices
2. Bio Medication and treatment
3. Enzymes ( Protease, amylase, amyloglucosidase, Xylanase, Cellulase, Pectinase, Beta glucanase etc)
4. Bio Fertiliser & Pesticides
5. Food Processing/Innovation

Need Expert advisor service?

Email Us :- Info@genotech.in | genotech.in@gmail.com
Please expect a delay in response to your email because we are searching the best solution for you.

What we deal with.

We also deals with Custom made antibodies (monoclonal/Polyclonal), Readily available antibodies, Recombinant Protein DevelopmentGene Synthesis,Cloning, Peptide synthesis, Stable cell line development, IHC services, etc.
Apart from that we deal with few lab instruments, plastic wares, Lab consumables, Lab chemicals, Soya lecithin, soya hydrolyzed lecithin, guar gum, natural vegetable and fruit powders, pectin etc.
When you realize you have a project to refer just refer the details mentioning your Name,Mobile number and your email ID to info@genotech.in or genotech.in@gmail.com and set back. Our team will evaluate the project genuinity , We will contact and pay you once we received the first payment from the client you referred.

Our Recommendations

Equipment & Devices

We recommend the best suitable equipment/Device for personal use or business needs or your research needs.

Enzymes & Antibodies

We provide Food processing, Human and Animal nutrition Enzymes.We also provide custom antibodies & Protein production etc.

Agri Services

We Provide recommendation for best Bio Fertiliser, Pesticides, indoor & outdoor Plants,Seeds. Aquatic plants.

Software Services

We design & develop websites/Mobile Apps/Creative logo/Softwares/ Catalogues specific to life sciences.

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Happy & prestigious clients

Happy to associate with Genotech, Lot of info to built a good career in life-science.
Nakul Parasar
Research Scholar
I love the part time earning program, Thank you team genotech. Hope for more incentives.
R D V R Murthy
Sales Lead
I got my first job in a Big Pharma company as Laboratory Analyst. Thank you very much.
Sourabh Dey
Laboratory Analyst




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